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Meaningful Conversations with Stereotype Breakers

Jun 8, 2022

Are executive coaches worth it? What does the process of working with an executive coach looks like? When should you get one? How can you find a good fit for you and your career growth needs? I've asked all of these questions to Kelly in our discussion of her experience of working with an executive coach for her professional growth and development.

Kelly has spent her career in B2B IT and technology marketing roles and currently serves as director of marketing for a test and measurement company. She is naturally curious, strives to lead with empathy first, and believes in Wildcard Leadership—a theory that adding something radically atypical can bring new levels of innovation and creativity.

Kelly lives in the tiny but lively state of Rhode Island with her husband, Dave, son, Jake (8), daughter, Brooke (6), and goofy Bernedoodle named Jerry. She loves to connect with new people - send her a message on LinkedIn:

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