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Meaningful Conversations with Stereotype Breakers

Jul 6, 2022

Networking is this big scary thing that a lot of us (especially the introverts) dread. However, it's extremely powerful for your career and can take you to the next level. So I've asked my guest, Nelo, for her networking tips and advice. We will talk about networking strategies for newbies, how to get over the fear of networking, how to keep your network warm and share some of our networking stories.

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Nelotechie is a Data Scientist with a Bachelors and Associates degree in computer science. She prides herself in being a self-taught programmer with over 5 years of professional working experience. She has worked with several fortune 500 companies in the United states and now works with a tech startup called Thrasio as an analyst engineer.

She believes so much in data and the value it brings hence she likes to backup all her works with numbers. She strongly believes that Technology is the new gold and so she dedicates her time teaching her growing online community about tools and resources to help them successfully switch into tech and grow their new tech careers.

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